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THE CHUBB SHOW is a Broadcasting & media production company that helps entertainers, creatives and businesses reach new audiences while providing diverse forms of entertainment to its viewers. THE CHUBB SHOW can be viewed on, our Mobile App, Amazon Fire TV, ROKU TV, OK-TV in Germany, Vimeo, and several other platforms.


There are more than 100 Shows free for you to watch in our Mobile App. Watch and be a part of Concerts, Events, Exclusives Interviews, Parties, the Hottest Music Videos and more on “THE CHUBB SHOW”.


THE CHUBB SHOW has been well received by all age groups. The Show reaches viewers in more than 130 countries. THE CHUBB SHOW has proven to be successful and entertaining to all audiences since its first show aired in 2014.


The purpose of “THE CHUBB SHOW” is to offer equal opportunities to professionals and amateurs while allowing the audience to enjoy mainstream and independent media, without the artist's message being filtered, changed, or watered down.


THE CHUBB SHOW plays and supports music from every genre of music, and in all languages.

Use THE CHUBB SHOW’s Platform for, Private & Group Messaging, Networking, Joining, or starting your own Groups and Forums. Connect with our community, Connect with, and Meet Industry Professionals, Get booked to perform on THE CHUBB SHOW.

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